Treatment Prices

Anti Wrinkle Treatments in Leeds – Treatment Prices

Treatments I Offer

Please browse through my price lists below. Please give me a call if you are unsure about any of the treatments…

Facial Volumising

Facial Volumising from  £600.00

Frown Lines  £295.00

Nose to Mouth Lines  £295.00

Lip Enhancement  £295.00

Marionette Lines  £295.00

Tear Trough Rejuvenation from  £250.00  

Radiesse Hand Rejuvenation  £500.00

Line Softening Treatments

Brow Lines, Frown Lines & Crows Feet:

1 area  £195.00

2 areas  £250.00

3 areas  £300.00

Hyperhidrosis  £450.00

Skin Treatments

Medical Skin Needling 1 treatment  £200.00

Course of three includes post treatment cream  £450.00


A course of treatment will be decided upon consultation and could be part of your ongoing treatment programme. Prices start at £500 for the first course of 2 Profhilo injections.

Skin Tech Facial Peels

Easy Phytic Peel  £50.00

TCA Course of 4 includes post treatment cream  £450.00  

Medical Eyelash Enhancement  £180.00

Facial Peel Services

For facial peel services in Leeds get in touch with me, Anne Smith, for a quality service. I can provide you with a wide range of beauty services including:

Easy Phytic Superficial Peel – This is a superficial peel with a gradual accumulative effect . It is for clients who do not want their skin to flake but who want an effective acne or anti-ageing treatment.  Purchase a course of five at £300.00 and receive the sixth free plus a tube of cream to suit your skin type. Or pay as you go £50.00 per peel.

Easy TCA Peel This peel is recommended to treat age spots and acne, also puts the glow back in tired skin. It is painless and treatment consists of four sessions (one per week). It need not interrupt your working life.

Easy TCA is also used to rejuvenate the hands.

Purchase a course of four peels including two creams and a sunblock for £450.00.